“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”
– Edgar Lawrence “E.L.” Doctorow

I think people who writes usually wishes for either or both of this two things. To be heard through words and to be free. I’m sure the reasons differ for each and everyone out there, but like what E.L. Doctorow said, everything you write is your entitlement.

While I pen my thoughts down through bits and pixels, I hope my readers enjoy the small glimpse of the world from my perspective. Writing has been an on and off thing for me as I fumbled through my reality. It has brought me great joy and relief at one point in my life where nothing else worked. Likewise, I hope that my writing would provide the least bit of comfort if nothing else to those who needs it.

That being said, I usually write only when I have something that I deem worthy to share. While the number of posts my be erratic, I treasure each and every word that I write. Sometimes, I would look back at my past blogs when I’m feeling nostalgic and recall the events and emotions that when through my mind while I was typing out the posts. I think memories in the form of words make just as much of an impact as images.

Last but not least, I love interactions regarding what I write. Please, do share with me your opinions and stories. Anonymity is just one of the many beautiful things about the modern age.

Sloth Truly,

Featured Image Photographer: Xavier Lee