Worthiness Doesn’t Matter If You’re Willing

“没有值不值得,只有愿不愿意” – 林月如《仙剑奇侠传》

A few days ago, I chanced upon a Chinese article from the RPG Game/Television series 《仙剑奇侠传》, or better known as 《Chinese Paladin》 for its western audience. I was feeling all kinds of nostalgia as it was one of my first Chinese television series that I truly enjoyed back when I was around twelve. Anyways, I was reading this short excerpt when I saw a phrase and it kind of hit me hard, like those sudden moments akin to receiving enlightenment.

Long story short (but worth watching if you can stand the crappy CG effects from eleven years back), the secondary female lead in the series sacrificed everything for the man she loved which ended up being one sided. When asked if it was worth it to go through every heartbreak knowing that her love would not be reciprocated, she replied that worthiness doesn’t matter if you are willing.

I’m a sucker for words like these. Maybe because they fascinate me, but I tend to jot down anything thought provoking in my android phone whenever I see one. I’m incredibly intrigued when I encounter something that made me change my perspective and I would go “oh wow”.

At twenty-two, I’m at the age where my mind is always clouded with worries about my career, relationships and just life in general. I’m not sure about other teenagers out there, but I constantly feel that I’m lagging behind of others because I do not have a clear goal in life. As such, time is precious to me and I question every choice that I make, whether if something is worth spending time on.

And here’s the part that got me. Reading this phrase cleared my doubts in an instant! Taking a step back, rather than asking whether if it’s worthwhile, I started asking myself if I was willing to do it, to start something new; even if it may not pay off. And you know what, my decisions became so much easier!

Here’s the thing. “Worthiness” isn’t as important as we envision it to be. A lot of people still willingly do things that they know are not worth their time and effort. When I start considering if I am willing to do something, my emphasis becomes less on “repercussions” and more on “regret”. Let me elaborate. Rather than worrying about what happens after the action of doing something, it focuses more on what happens before the action, in other words, will I regret if I don’t do it? And that, makes everything so much easier to answer, doesn’t it?

As fellow humans, I’m guessing many of you out there worry about countless things every day. Some may have already figured everything out, and I congratulate you on that because it is harder said than done. But for those that are like me, I hope that reading this article gave you something to think about. And if it helped you even in the slightest like it did for me, I glad you took the time to read it through. Because when you change your perspective, you change your world.

Sloth Truly,

© 2016 Xavier Lee – All Rights Reserved / Featured Image Photographer: Julia Caesar


2 thoughts on “Worthiness Doesn’t Matter If You’re Willing

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  1. Hello Xavier,
    That was seriously an inspirational read. That title hit me hard too. The title in itself raised my curiosity to dig into the article immediately. Nothing else matters if you are happy and willing to do what you tend to do. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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