The Wolf Who Never Loved

“Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to. Women learn to become attracted to the man they fall in love with.” – Woody Allen

There’s a myth regarding wolves,
that they mate for life.
That they show affection to their partner,
until the end of time.
That they treasure and care for each other,
till death brings them apart.

Some say that wolves are perhaps the most romantic creature alive,
even more so than humans.
That they are the most loyal beings,
and I couldn’t agree more.

But there was once a lone wolf,
critical and brooding,
stable and quiet.
He’s perfectly comfortable in his own skin,
yet broken in the eyes of others.

So when he meets a female that accepts him,
he was beyond ecstatic.
She may not be the one,
but in her eyes there was none.
And he appreciated the chase.

He spends his days hunting with her,
hoping to fall in love.
He spends his days trying to change her,
hoping she would fit his criteria.
He tried to tell himself,
it would only take some time.

Yet in his heart,
he buried the truth.
That he was a lone wolf.
He was not willing to let her go,
because he was afraid it would all go back.
To the time where he was alone,
and he didn’t want that.

But he also knew,
deep down inside,
he was a lone wolf.
That he enjoyed hunting solo.
That he loved himself more than her.
That he was perfectly fine in his own fur.

He was after all,
a wolf who never loved…

© 2017 Xavier Lee – All Rights Reserved / Featured Image Photographer: Isi Akahome

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