Argonaut: The Child Who Yearns To Be A Hero

“The man who must brag for himself knows that no one else will.” – Robin Hobb, Royal Assassin

Embarking on the Farseer Trilogy reminded me of how much I appreciate a good fantasy read. I remember the first official book that I picked off the shelves of Kinokuniya’s fiction section as I marvel at the beautiful artwork of picturesque autumn leaves and warriors, undaunted by the thickness nor the number of words. Continue reading “Argonaut: The Child Who Yearns To Be A Hero”

Milestone Parade: The Liebster Award 2017

“In the end it’s about the work, not an award you get for the work.” – Linda Fiorentino

SlothyDays was recently nominated for the Liebster Award 2017 on 18th December. Which comes as a shock considering I wasn’t expecting anything whenever I write my pieces, much less an award.

Nevertheless, I’m exceptionally grateful and honored to be nominated. It seems people on the internet really do enjoy reading my website, and appreciation of my literary works is the apical form of encouragement to continue writing. Continue reading “Milestone Parade: The Liebster Award 2017”

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